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    2022年6月英語六級仔細閱讀試題及答案 第一套

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      2022年6月英語四級考試已經結束了,新東方網四六級頻道為您帶來《2022年6月英語六級仔細閱讀試題及答案 第一套》供各位考生參考!我們將以更及時的發布本期英語6級試卷、6級答案、以及6級試題解析,請關注【官方微信:四六級小助手 (微信號:koolearncet)】,了解最新信息。

    《2022年6月英語六級仔細閱讀試題及答案 第一套》



      26. A aesthetically

      27.B constructed

      28. K principally

      29. H natural

      30. J previous

      31. G legitimate

      32. L remedy

      33. I offspring

      34. E flocked

      35. F incorporates


      36.E Some children on the remote islands won't eat their meals because they are fed cheap junk high on the river islands

      37. B Unlike other parts of Bangladesh, the number of women who die from giving birth remains even with discounts offered.

      38.J One big problem many islanders have is that they can't afford the prescribed medicines organizations.

      39.B TD is a virtual medical service financially supported by one of the nation's nonprofit

      40.K TD doctors are welcome to the islanders bccause thev treat the sick with respect and patience.

      41.F Women islanders tend to have health problems carly partly because they get married and give birth early.

      42. C doctors make weekly visits to the remote islands to provide services at a temporary medical center.

      43. D TD doctors provide the islanders with online diagnoses and treatments for common diseases.

      44.A The residents of the river islands have to keep moving their homes because of floods and land erosions.

      45.H Women islanders usually rely on their husbands to get some medicines for them without diagnoses and prescriptions.


      46 B)They have been doing well in ensuring their students a successful future

      47 A) It has contributed substantially to the nation's overall development.

      48 C)They would have added to many students financial burden.

      49 D) Their liberal arts education enables graduates to excel in whatever field they are in.

      50 B)All students can benefit from a diversified student population

      51 A)People seldom appeal to rationality in their thinking.

      52 D) It is something subjective based on what one perceives to be right.

      53 A) It may lead to incorrect judgment.

      54 C)Establish socially shared cognition via scientific methods

      55 D)Collaborative efforts can overcome individuals'limitations in scientific inquiry

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